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Departures (oboe, clarinet, 'cello, piano)

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Program Notes:

Departures for oboe, Bb clarinet and 'cello was written for Paul and Wilma Zonn. The twelve tone row is verticalized at the beginning of the Introduction. A C# pedal is heard throughout the Introduction, changing to a Db which resolves to a very chort C natural at the beginning of the first movement. During the Coda, a similar process occurs in regard to pedal tones and the piece finally concludes with a C natural pedal tone in the 'cello. The serial procedure is strict throughout the composition and restricted to the pitch elements. Chords are formed by segmenting the series and are somewhat prominent in the first and last movements suggesting symetrical relationships that exist in regard to pitch and durational elements during the entire composition. The three instruments (oboe, clarinet, and 'cello) are frequently heard in contrast to the piano part. A characteristic that occurs at the end of cadence points are long held pitches or repeated activity followed by sudden and/or short events. The Coda, in a traditional manner, borrows and sums up the main material found earlier in the composition.

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