Stephen Syverud

Fields of Ambrosia - ver.II

(alto saxophone, percussion, piano)

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Performance Instructions

Program Notes:

Fields of Ambrosia originally written for Alto Saxophone and two-channel tape also exists in an acoustic version for Alto Saxophone, Percussion, and Piano which will be performed on this concert. Versions for other instruments have been planned as well. The idea of writing a piece that exists in more than one version using a variety of instruments was an integral part of the original concept. One of the prime concerns addressed in the first version of Fields of Ambrosia was to synthesize sounds suggesting instruments to be used in future versions. The four sections of the composition are performed in a continuous manner which incorporates jazz and mass sound elements. A twelve-tone row governs not only the pitch aspect, but dominates the durations and dynamics as well. The last two elements of the series become the first two of the inversion. Two trichords (013, 015) aid in establishing symmetrical relationships and dominate the series. The opening section consists of the same sequence of the series in all instruments and sets the tone for the remainder of the work: that the piece is chamber music for saxophone, piano, and percussion, not just a composition for solo saxophone accompanied by piano and percussion. The third section employs repeated vibraphone harmonic structures which slows the forward flow momentarily. The last section is a combination of gestures presented earlier in the composition.

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