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Flying High (electronics)

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Program Notes:

Flying High was written for two-channel electronics using analog oscillators and modifying equipment. The sounds were combined on several tape decks and sampled using an Emulator III for further modification. Various traditional tape techniques were employed. The composition was then mastered on a multi-channel tape deck. The opening intervals of the piece consist of a descending minor third followed by a descending minor second. This 014 set determines the primary pitch material and some of the durational elements throughout the composition. The equipment in the Electronic Music Studios (Moog Studio) was used for developing, modifying, and creating the master of Flying High which was used as source material for a second piece entitled High as the Sky.

If you are interested in acquiring a performance recording of this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.


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