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Intersections (electronics)

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Program Notes:

Intersections. The basic sounds are various modified reed samples which resemble keyboard sounds. Through the use of sequencing software and digital processors, individual lines were developed and combined. The sounds were recorded on four individual tracks. Modification occurred during the final mix to create two separate channels. Two compositional procedures were used: deliberately planning all aspects and, second, presenting events in a way that suggests completely random ordering of ideas. The pitch material, initial dynamics and durational aspects were determined through strict serial procedures. The overtone content and attack/decay characteristics as well as formal features of the composition were developed through random number series and chaos theory. The title suggests the point at which these two compositional procedures meet. The composition was created in my home studio using equipment I designed and created.

If you are interested in acquiring a performance recording of this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.

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