Stephen Syverud

Monad (16mm film, electronics)

Audio sample-beginning (.mp3)

Audio sample-at 3 minutes (.mp3)

Program Notes:

Monad is a composition for 16mm film and electronics. The film was created by James Barnes and the electronic music by Stephen L. Syverud. The collaboration occurred when both were graduate students at the University of Iowa during the mid 1960s. Both the film and tape were created independently, but from the same structural outline. The images were shot in and around Iowa City using black and white film stock. Many of the electronics were created from naturally occurring sounds which were highly manipulated. Although there was no attempt to synchronize the film and tape either before or after each was composed, an approximate starting point (within five/ten seconds) has been established. The starting point and the predetermined structural outline are solely responsible for the coordination of visual and aural events. However, a version now exists on DVD which has established a synchonization point between the film images and the electronic sounds and may be seen on this site in the near future. (Ah, the pleasures and disappointments of technology.)

If you are interested in acquiring complete performance materials for this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproduction & shipping costs.

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