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Myrad-Darym (electronics)

Audio sample (.mp3)

Program Notes:

Myrad-Darym was originally conceived as a four-channel tape piece. The two-channel version is a stereo mix of the four unique channels. Source material was developed from sounds used in a improvised dance piece while I was living in San Francisco. The music, title, and verse (below) was a result of a painting by the surrealist painter, Dorthea Tanning. The composition was created using equipment in the Moog Electronic Music Studio at Northwestern University.

The act of combining dissimilar sound materials within
the very center of a grapefruit or carrot
is the essence of radical awareness.
To recreate the abundance
of dodecaphonic serial twelve-tone structures,
the ---- must be prepared to ---- without
San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

The awareness of radial essence, the bounty of bound materialisms
is not unlike acting in a combine.

If you are interested in acquiring a performance recording of this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.


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