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Timin (electronics)

Audio sample (.mp3)

Program Notes:

The source material for Timin was created using FM modulation, analog signals, and sampling technology. Serially controlled pitch and rhythmic elements as well as fixed registration were used to create basic gestures. Once the basic gestures took shape, they were manipulated using analog reel-to-reel tape decks and the resulting sections were submitted to the same serial procedures controlling pitch/rhythmic/ registral elements. The various steams of sound were edited further and combined digitally. Serial procedures within serial procedures become evident as the composition unfolds and this mushrooming effect becomes the primary formal design. The manner in which the composition was created is directly a result of structural features in selected writings of Jack Kerouac and elements discovered in exploring chaos theory. The original four-channel version was developed through layering effects created from the use of several multi-channel tape decks and digital hard disk recording environments.

Timin is to be performed very softly, just at the threshold of hearing.


Performance Instructions :

Stereo Performance: Compact Disk Player, Digital Audio Tape Player, or 2-Ch.Half-track Tape Deck (quarter-inch tape, 15ips), Two Speakers (3-way: tweeter, mid-range, 12 inch or larger woofer), Stereo Amplifier. Left speaker is connected to left channel of tape deck/CD/amplifier, and right speaker is connected to right channel of tape deck/CD/amplifier. In relation to the audience, the left speaker is in front of and to the left of the audience. Right speaker is in front of and to the right of the audience. The speakers are placed on the front portion of a platform or stage and raised above the floor (two feet minimum).

Quad Performance: 2 CD units, 2 DAT decks, ADAT or 4-Ch. Quarter-track Tape Deck (1/4" tape, 15ips), Four Speakers (3-way: tweeter, mid-range, 12 inch or larger woofer), Two Stereo Amplifiers. The four speakers are located around the audience, two in front and two in the rear. As seated in the audience the channel assignment is - Left Frt, Ch 1; Right Frt, Ch 3; Left Rear, Ch.2; Right Rear, Ch.4. The four speakers are raised above the floor (two feet minimum). The test tone at the beginning of the tape is used to identify the location of the four speakers.

Timin is available on DAT, Compact Disk, and Reel-to-Reel formats (15/7.5ips, DBX/no noise reduction, half-track/quarter track), Four-channel performances are available on quarter-inch tape and ADAT. Stereo cassette tapes are available for audition purposes only.

If you are interested in acquiring a performance recording of this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.

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