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(seven percussionists and electronics)

Audio sample-Third Movement (.mp3)

Score-Third Movement (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Program Notes:

Vectors for stereo electronics and seven percussionists was written for Terry Applebaum and the Northwestern University Percussion Ensemble and became the final compositional project for the Ph.D. degree awarded to me in Composition from the University of Iowa. The electronic sections were created in the Moog Electronic Music Studio at Northwestern University. The sounds are entirely analog and were created/modified using Moog equipment and Scully two/four channel tape recorders. Sections employing improvisation occur frequently and one entire movement (the Audio sample on this site) is based on improvisational techniques cued by a particular electronic sound. Much of the score is graphic. However, the score is influenced greatly by standard notational symbols. The mallet instruments are treated individually and unconventionally in regard usual traditional performance techniques.

If you are interested in acquiring complete performance materials for this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

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