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Four Pieces (clarinet, piano)

Second Piece (.mp3)

Third Piece (.mp3)

Score-2nd/3rd pieces (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Program Notes:

Four Pieces for Bb clarinet and piano was written for Paul Zonn. A twelve tone row is heard at the beginning of the first piece and used strictly throughout the composition. The serial procedures are restricted to the pitch elements. Chords and repeated notes characterize the first piece. The second piece is extremely fast and brief. The trill and the flutter-tongue on the same pitch in the clarinet part marks the beginning and end of the second piece. The third piece is similar to the first piece. Trills and repeated notes are prominent. The quickness of the last piece is similar to the second piece, but not as brief. Repeated notes and virtuosic writing for both instruments are prevalent.

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