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(with or without other instruments/voices/electronics)

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Apotheosis alto saxophone, electronics

Bevelled Forged Steel – guitar, electronics

Charlie's Blues – piano, double bass, percussion

Charlie's Blues II – alto saxophone or WX-7/11, pno, dbass, perc

Contact – alto saxophone, electronics

Contrasts – piano

Fields of Ambrosia – alto saxophone, electronics

Fields of Ambrosi (ver II) – alto saxophone, percussion, piano

Four Pieces – clarinet (Bb), piano

Four Pieces – trombone, percussion

Gargoyle – tuba, electronics

Grass – tenor voice, oboe, 2 bassoons

I Corinthians 13 – male voice, tpt, CA, 'cello

In Memoriam (James Dean) – pipe organ

Latin Coyote viejo – jazz drummer, electronics

Music for Cello and Electronics

Shades in the Myst of the Evening Sun – clarinet, string quartet

Shades in the Myst of the E...... – alto saxophone, string quartet

Smoking Mirrors – alto saxophone, piano

Snow Creatures – solo percussionist

Song #1 – tenor voice, piano

Vietnam I - Reaction – clar(Bb) w/reverb unit & optional modifiers

Vietnam III – spoken male voice, piano, electronics

Vietnam IV – piano, electronics

If you would like to acquire complete performing materials and/or audio recordings of any of my compositions, please contact me at the following email address: and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please include your phone number. I will request a small fee to cover my costs for reproduction and shipping.



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