Stephen Syverud

Bevelled Forged Steel

(acoustic guitar, electronics)

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Performance Instructions


Electronics: Two channels of electronics are available on a Compact Disk. A high quality system is to be used during performance. Any of the six versions (timings are exactly the same) on the CD may be used. Differences are only in mixing and timbre.

Performance: A version is selected and the CD machine is put into play mode on a cue from the performer. Once playback has begun, no further action is required except to enter stop mode at the conclusion of the composition (about 10:25).

Program Notes:

A steering gear is a unit of extreme simplicity. The steering tube revolves a cam, which, in turn, engages with a taper peg fitted to a rocker shaft. This assembly is enclosed in an oil tight casing which carries two ball bearings at either end of the cam. These bearings are designed to carry radial and thrust loads. When the steering wheel is turned, the tube revolves the cam, which causes the taper peg to move over a predetermined arc, thus giving the rocker shaft its desired motion. Attached to the rocker shaft is a steering side and cross tube level, which links up with the steering linkage. The steering is of the "three cross tube" type, having a centre cross tube connecting the steering side and cross tube lever to the arm on the idler shaft. Two shorter side tubes, one on either side, connect the steering arms to the steering gear and idler levers respectively. The composition was written for and is dedicated to Jesse Langen.

If you are interested in acquiring complete performance materials for this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.

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