Stephen Syverud

Latin Coyote viejo

(jazz drummer, electronics)

Audio sample (.mp3)

Entire Score (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Performance Instructions

Electronics: A high-quality stereo playback system is required. The performance media is available in several formats - Compact Disk, DAT, and reel-to-reel (15/7.5ips, with or without DBX noise reduction). A rehearsal cassette tape is available.
Performer: A drum set is required to perform the composition. Additional percussion instruments are encouraged, but should not distract from the basic setup. Adding devices which produce wood and metal sounds are strongly suggested.

Program Notes:

Latin Coyote viejo was written for my son, Derek Stephen Syverud and was premiered on his graduate recital at CalArts. The composition is for jazz drummer and stereo electronic sounds. The score is written primarily in graphic notation. The performer divides his/her drum set into three distinct timbres in several sections: wood, metal, and skin sounds. These sounds are used motivically and provide a basis for the solo sections. The electronic sounds were composed using modified Roland synth timbres/samples and feature extreme changes in dynamics, timbres, and tempi. The pitches heard on the tape are generally rich in harmonics due to the extensive modification and addition of non-harmonic sounds. Composition of the piece involved serial arrangements of timbres, pitches, and complete sections without infringing on the improvisational nature of the live performer. Although a great deal of improvisation is involved in the performance of the piece, the score dictates not only a structure, but also specific types of sounds, durations of events and silences, as well as exact timings of gestures throughout the piece. The tape was composed from a short fragment of pitches, durations, and timbres that were developed through repetition, inversion, retrograde statements, diminution, etc. These short fragments and the longer tape sections that resulted formed the basic material of the live performer.

The complete and performance instructions can be downloaded for no charge from this page. Feel free to print out copies of all materials including my bio. Please email if you plan to perform the piece and/or need a performance recording of the electronics. Kindly include phone number.

I will request a small handling fee to cover reproducing & shipping costs.

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