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Vietnam I - Reaction

(Bb clarinet with reverb unit/modifiers)

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Performance Instructions

Program Notes:

Vietnam I - Reaction was written for clarinetist/composer Paul Zonn and was the first in a series of pieces written in protest to the United States involvement in Vietnam. All the pieces in the series are dedicated to all the children killed during the Vietnam War. The piece was written during the summer of 1969, while residing in an apartment on Clement Street in San Francisco. The pitches used in were determined by the house number (137) across the street from my apartment. The numbers form the set 026 (Major 2nd, Major 3rd, diminished 5th). These intervals are serially manipulated to yield other intervals as the composition unfolds. Particular notated events are electronically manipulated and the performer is permitted the freedom to further change events. The durations, octave placements, and dynamics are results of events occurring in Vietnam and on Clement Street during specific time frames.

Reverberation and Electronic Additions/Modifications: Use tape delay, analog spring reverb, or digital delay. Pitches marked with an "x" are to be played with reverberation. "---------xx" means to move gradually into a state of reverberation. The reverberation of pitches is not to be stopped during rests, but should continue and "accompany" the next clarinet gesture. The performer is encouraged to freely use electronic filtering, synthesizers and modifiers (controlled by the clarinet through a Frequency to MIDI converter, foot pedals, MAX patches, etc.). If the optional repeat is used (strongly suggested), the texture and timbre of the music is to be altered when it is played the second time.

Complete performance materials can be downloaded for no charge from this page. Feel free to print out copies of the performance instructions, score, program notes, and my bio. Please inform me by email if you plan to perform the piece. Kindly include your phone number.

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