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Snow Creatures (one percussionist)

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Score-pages 1 & 2 (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Performance Instructions:

1. Mallet choice is left to the performer, but should reflect dynamic indications.

2. Vibraphone. Sustain is to be used during all roll indications. Use of sustain at other places in the composition and all use of vibrato speed/motor on is left to the discretion of the performer. However, if vibrato is used (the motor is turned on), it should only be used occasionally (no more than 1/5th of the entire composition) and the speed setting should always be either very slow or very fast each time it is used.

3. Notation. Conventional notation is used throughout with one exception. Beginning in measure 76, the symbol "X" is used to indicates extending the performing surface to the side of the Xylophone, Vibraphone, or Marimba. The performer should experiment in regard to best sound quality and to obtain the indicated higher/lower sounds.

4. Vocal sounds (not words) may be added throughout the composition to extend or emphasize particular sounds, dynamics, or motives.

5. All grace notes are to be performed within the value to which they are attached (tied).

6. Silence is extremely important whether the periods are long or short. Therefore, the durations of all notes and the observing of fermatas are critical.

7. Every attempt should be made to perform similar passages (sections, motives, pitch classes, etc.) in exactly the same manner if there is no change in the notation (rhythm, dynamics, articulations, etc.)

8. Dynamics and Tempo indications may be exaggerated (i.e. - soft dynamics may be performed softer than indicated and fast tempi may be performed may be performed as fast as possible).

Program Notes:

Notes here.

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