Stephen Syverud

Vietnam II

(oboe, clarinet, percussion, and double bass)

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Score sample, pg1-2 (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Score sample, pg7-8

Program Notes:

Vietnam II is dedicated to the memory of all the children killed during the Vietnam War. The instrumentation is oboe, clarinet, percussion, and 'cello. Some of the precompositional decisions involved serial manipulations of not only pitches, durations, dynamics, and instruments, but also treated large completed sections of the piece serially. One example is the development of a solo line in the clarinet part. The other instruments were stripped away and sections of the clarinet part were manipulated in the same manner as pitches, durations, etc. in a more traditional use of the 12-tone system. This procedure was also applied to other sections of the piece, at times including all four instruments.

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