Stephen Syverud

Prelude and Fugue

(5 trumpets, 3 tenor trombones, bass trombone, F horn, and tuba)

Audio sample-Prelude (.mp3)

Audio sample-Fugue (.mp3)

Score-Prelude, pg1-2 (.pdf - Click here to acquire Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Score-Fugue, pg23-25

Location and Movement of Performers

Program Notes:

Prelude and Fugue is written for eleven brass players: five Bb trumpets, three tenor trombones, one bass trombone, one tuba, and one hornin F. It is a serial work that incorporates strong tonal implications. The performers are arranged around the audience at the beginning of the composition and by the end of the performance, all performers are on stage facing the audience. At the beginning of the piece, tpts.1&2 are behind the audience (preferably in a balcony standing about 6 feet apart). Tpts.3&4, and trombs. 1&2 are located on either side of the audience, halfway between the first and last rows of the seating area. All six performers are standing and facing the stage area. The conductor is located front center of stage. The seated performers on stage are tpt.5 (center), horn (front) and bass tromb. (rear) about 8 feet left of tpt.5, and tromb.3 (front) and the tuba (rear) about 8 feet right of tpt.5. About half way through the piece, the 11 performers will be on stage in two rows. The front row from left is tpt.1, horn, tpt.3 tpt.5, tpt.4, tromb.3, and tpt.2. The second row from left: bass tromb (behind horn), tromb.1 (behind tpt.3), tromb.2 (behind tpt.4), tuba (behind tromb.3).

If you are interested in acquiring complete performance materials for this piece, please contact me by email (kindly include your phone number).

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